Tuesday, February 3, 2009

frankie and I: a love letter, back and forth.


"Yvie, my baby, it has already become public knowledge that my love for you borders on the sociopathic. I love you like Nostrand Avenue Trade that loves to holla at Cunty Boys on the low. It's THAT deep. Once I get through this week, with the grace of God, I want to get together with you. I need to hug you and smell the sweet scents of tenderness, of progressive rage and grown black womanliness that only you can give me."

"sugah honey, my divine, my adored, my beloved, i am honored by how much you love me and i offer you this: i love you like a butch loves her fresh timbalands, the new ones, with no dirt on them that match every damn thing she owns, cuz you match all of me baby. my love for you is an outright addiction at this point, i don't do drugs or drink, i do FRANKIE FUCKIN MIZRAHI. *drop microphone to ground with loud thud* lol"

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