Thursday, July 9, 2009

for teish: rest in power

i ran away from you like a child does a bully
a woman does a lover she bored with
a place too small for your spirit
and now
years later i hear this
like a slap across my face and i'm back on erie blvd,
back on springfield road waiting on the bus to go to shoppingtown mall
where i was
too Black
not Black enough
closeted and then out
some sort of non-sumthin with too much sumthin to be anything.
i wanna say
that means sumthin
call someone
but i don't talk to nobody in syracuse no more
except my mama

if i was still upstate
we might have been homegirls teish
i might have pointed out the cute men for you
you'd have let me know which butches you thought were hard and soft enough to handle me
we would've laughed, talked shit, cursed, danced.
i send you this now
a poem too late
you were killed last year and i'm just now hearing the news
forgive me teish
sometimes i call myself an activist
always a poet
today my hands feel empty of the titles i don to make me feel like i'm felt
i hope my soul is in the right place
hope it matters
hope this poem matters
hope this poem IS matter you can feel wherever you are
lyrical libation for you sis from nyc to syracuse,
syracuse: still a strange, estranged home of mine
please accept my prayer to you:
rest in power teish


The trial of Teisha's accused murderer, Dwight DeLee, is scheduled to begin in on MONDAY, JULY 13 in Syracuse, NY.
It will be tried as a hate crime. (which can add another 3 years to the sentence)

The Judge will be the Hon. William D. Walsh
Onondaga County Court
Onondaga County/City of Syracuse Criminal Courthouse
505 South State St.
Syracuse, N.Y. 13202-2104

for more info:

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