Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I’ve avoided writing this poem

said “later, later”

to this poem

I don’t want to say goodbye

I’ve loved you since forever

before puberty

through high school, through college and now


I love you.

your magic undeniably divine,

even the haters who can’t stand your shine,

you love them too and that makes me love you more

you make me wanna dance

and dance and dance

you make me wanna make art beautiful enough to love all of our humanities to the surface

beneath the anger we sometimes bury it in

beneath where our hurt is

I want to give you words carved with the same magic as you

words that make prisms of light like your soul do

I want to make this as beautiful as you

I want to give you tribute, give you an embrace that loves you like I did when I was 9,

like I do now,

at 29

watching you, a miracle in motion, I feel the very best of me springing from my chest,

reaching for you

to dance with you

every doubt I have about who I am

and the divinity I came to render on this planet


whenever you’re around

I feel invincible

my soul springs forth, is called forth, is so open to you

I miss you and I want you to come back to me,

my miracle in motion, giving us so much love

my tears are stuck in me

in the same place this poem has been all these months

I feel them simmer

but rarely let them come to a boil and spill over

could you come back to me?

like some resurrection?

just show up—I would be all open arms and laughter,

ready to welcome you back with a huge meal and a Soul Train line that would go on and on and on

past many dawns

I have loved you all my life,

your music and art and dance and breath and riffs and beatboxing and dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing, Lordess, your dancing

has carried me for so many years through so much joy, uncertainty, sadness and revelry

you make revelry in me

everytime you look at me

I miss you

more than I ever knew I would

I always just assumed you’d always be here

it never occurred to me you would go anywhere

Oh Michael,

Michael, Michael…

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