Monday, May 3, 2010

like dawn, like dew

{ love poem to my friends}

i love you like the breath i was born with, you are the song i move with.
this poem in my bones is for you
you make me feel like sky, like honey, like red soil in my homeland feels on my feet
i love you like dawn loves to yawn good morning
like dew loves the blades of grass she always returns to
the moment you enter my arms, i feel at home, i feel like who i always was but needed you to remind me, you give me hallelujah and amen all day
you bring me bliss without even trying and i love you
with a tremendous tenderness these words don't do justice.


Z said...

You know, I feel kinda bad for folk that aren't your friends cos they don't get awesome soul-rocking poetry like this. I also kinda want to taunt them for not being as lucky as me, lol.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

moving words. thanks for sharing and kudos to your friends, they are in stellar company.

in peace.

nne said...

just got here from Z's blog...yeah, in essence, i'm going to stew here for a minute.

daughter of my mama said...

@z.: you're ridiculous and i love it. ridiculous that's so bananas it's pineapple. and i love it all. ;)

@t.: you're so kind! please keep reading ;)

@nne: i'm so glad z. is spreading tha good word. thanks for stopping by. stay for a loooong while. ;)

@everyone: thank you for your breath and your gaze on my words. if you wanna see me, peep my channel:

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