Thursday, November 13, 2008

sweet {torture}

(yes this is for you)


sweet {torture}

watching you in the morning

and I do so love to watch you in the morning

getting ready for work

baby you fine

and although you are leaving

I love to watch you

as I lay naked

in the bed you fucked me in

loved me in

held me in

you: sultry and so unintentional with it.

layer after layer of you

getting put onto you

clothing cologne deodorant…

and I want to peel those clothes off

before they have the chance to be warmed by your body heat

it’s maddening

peeking into your morning rituals

from this bed

knowin I so want you to return

to this bed,

want you to just be getting up for a cup of water

or whatever

and coming back to me

to come with me

I know we got jobs and shit

responsibilities and shit

bills and shit

so I don’t protest

too hard

I just watch you from this bed

this bed you kissed me in

we told each other we love each other in

I drink you in

in gazes

& I taste the taste and feel of you

hours later

at my desk

unable to concentrate

on the task at hand

imagining you and us and we and yes…yes…yes

I know you gotta go to work baby,

I do too

just one more kiss baby

just one more…

1 comment:

di said...

this brings a big, mischivious grin to my face! thank YOUUUUU!!!

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