Tuesday, October 28, 2008

front street, puttin my business on it

i pretend to be mature
calm, respectable even
but i want you closer than my skin
i want you to drive your
neat, manicured butch fingers
into me with loving ferocity
to make me scream and grind up on you
i want to feel the pressure of your weight on top of me
i want you
to take control of me
to completely take me over
and make me your woman in that bed
i want that to be our bed
and i want you to hear the moans you make me moan
i want you to know how wet you make me
with just the thought of you.
i want you to make it feel so good i can't think or control the pleasure
until i stutter your name
forget my own
wrap my legs around you
to pull you in as deep as you can go
i want to feel you feel the inside of me
i want to feel that slow building explosion
and i want you to hold me after
to make me feel safe and perfect and beautiful
can you do that?
can you do that?
cuz i want it like that
just like that
but better.

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