Thursday, April 8, 2010

do you remember that I love you?

(for my friends)

I love the way you smell

and how you walk and the jokes you make

I love the way you love and the way you are

I love the things you say and how you think and the reasons you breathe

I love your dance

I love the way you are a new miracle every moment

I love the way you look at me and know me and hold me when I need you to but don’t know I need you to

I love how you make me laugh, how you understand about me

what I don’t understand about me

I love that you hold me in the highest regard

that you are home

that you speak my language

that we create languages

I love that you read my poems

that you write poems

that you are a poem

that our poems make poems with words, without words

with gazes and breath

I love that you are here for me

I love that I can be all of me with all of you

I love that you’re loud

I love that you love me

I love that I didn’t see you coming

I love you in this place in my chest

I loved you from before we met

in my last lifetime on another continent with different names and faces

the same eyes

I love your eyes

I love your love

I love that the bigger my spirit spreads, the deeper you love me

I love that you’re proud of me

I am proud of you

I love that I see me in you

I love that we love like this

I love that this poem could go on for another ten thousand words

and I’d still have more to love about you


Z said...

Aww, it's beautiful! You know I got mad love-hugs on reserve for you, like I held the monopoly on hugs and folk be lining up with hug coupons, talking bout lemme get some of that, but I'm all like, nah, they on hold for Fly.


I love that you love. I love that you write. I love that you find ways to talk about love that aren't cliched and don't make me want to cut someone with a Hallmark card. Not only in this post, but others, I find that you weave your words into a basket that hold emotions other have trouble articulating.

You madd skilled, kid.

Love you!

daughter of my mama said...

@z: you know you got my heart right? and you remember that i love you right? i had you in heart, mind & spirit as i wrote this. you're so brilliant, i adore me some you! LOL and LOL and LMNDAO (laughin my Nigerian dyke ass off) at the hugs on reserve & Hallmark card. trite shit is bullshit--unless you're making a humorous point, then it's witty and not trite at all which brings my back to my first point: trite shit

i think folks scared of love, like for real it gives them nightmares to open up, to love & be loved. i was thinking the other day that we need more love poems and love stories celebrating ourselves. what else is it all for? it's the only thing that makes us happy. well, that & money, good food & other pleasurable thangs. ahem. anyway. thanks for sharing the blogosphere with me and for laughing with me and being my fam on west fourth street, in brooklyn, in harlem, everywhere. xoxoxo

ps: hug coupons!!! LOL

Mpho said...

WOW...Such beautiful words can only be spoken by LOVE itself and that is your pure spirit child.

Stay filled with love, bless.

Little talhawa from S.A

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