Friday, April 16, 2010

in my bones

you wiggle into me like a monsoon with attitude

the sweetest kind

like a waterfall falling upward into my brain

you hacked into me

love geek

with computer keys and marmalade and breakfast

you bring me to the brink

you make me believe

this is how it starts

with the songs I hear making me think of you

like they were written for you

you whirl into me

no joke

like bluegrass

the blues

afrobeat and jimi’s electric guitar

your voice all raspy and baritone with your lips closed


got me wrapped in you

you sing to me with your toes

you look at me and you make me believe in the dead

baby you could make an atheist a believer

in fairydust and poems

the way you say my name

sounds like poems you wrote for me and

your poems move mountains in me

my yes to anything you want from me

falls from my eyes

I’d be lying

if I said I don’t want you here

all these broken promises wrapped up in my bedsheets

I will burn the bed and sleep on the floor with you

because from the emptiness, there’s room for you

for all of this

I write you poems like this

trying to figure out if I like you

when I know I love you

you make me rock and twirl and whine my hips

I can’t even breathe without looking into all I see us being next year

it’s so

far past what I’m used to, what I’m used to, I used to stand still, I feel my feet running with my head turned back looking to you, looking for you, expecting you here

and you’re here

you rock me

when I was done with stones

you wrap me up in egusi and I can’t even—

say—you—you take the words out of my throat

and they sit on the floor between us

stretching and slithering away

giving us privacy

I want to blow glass for you

I do, and make you a house out of whatever you want—verses? brick? dance? kisses? my breath?

I’m at a loss

for words.

I don’t lose words

words find me when I’m lost

but I’m at a loss for words

all the ones I find still feel absent of what’s between the two of us

can you understand what I’m saying? I’m saying nothing

nothing gets said in poems like this, you have to feel it like a raging beat tearing your chest open

how can I confess what’s all over my face? how can you not know I want to have your babies?

do you want me to say it? do you need me to tell you?

I am telling you

in front of strangers, the birds, my past can bear witness

the priestess in me I be know I know no other way

but to give it all up to you

step aside and let the love crawl through my bones and stamp the beat out

can you hear it?

tell me you can hear it so we can dance to it

tell me you can feel it so we can rock to it

tell me this, tell me, tell me, tell me, please tell me you are here with me

I need you, I need you to—just breathe here with me right now

you give me shivers and little fireflies in my belly

and I want to hold your smile in my navel

this feeling in me strong enough to lift an anvil with my thoughts from across the room.

you take me home across an ocean with your arms

1 comment:

Ma-Lord said...

To say I'm inspired and awed is an understatement. For lack of anything better, artist like myself need writers like you, lesbians like myself, need dykes like you.

Stay fly

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