Friday, September 10, 2010

all them words up in me is for you/you listenin?

{photo by t'ai freedom ford}

the bridge to my heart is on fire
you is a firefighter

tumbling bricks
comin out my mouth

smoldering diary pages with my secrets on them
if this was a song—
serious bass line that ain’t never stop
drums and drums
electric guitar
the baddest bridge
the tightest melody
I don’t wanna dance tonight
I wanna scream and shit
hit that high ass chaka note
and hold it
fuck a microphone
this amplified by my heartbeat

you wanna be close to me
I wanna be on the mountaintop with wireless internet writing poems like this
sometimes I’m not warm and fuzzy and I won’t let you love me
not up close
you gonna have to send that love via smoke signals, hummingbirds and tight ass melodies

rain is my express carrier

she takes the syllables in the bass of my throat & tips of my toes
and delivers them to you when I’m ready to face you,
knowing you gonna know the truth in me

in me is every bruise we’ve all had
we never settle the score
forgive the ones who hurt you if you want
none of us is going to hell, holding onto the pain is lucifer enough

I don’t wanna kiss or do sweet shit
I’m not sweet
I’m the kind of sweet that taste like chewing stick
good for you
but not like sugarcane

come untold tell it
check it? no?
let me explain:
come on untold, I want you to tell it. got it?
I had it, gave it away, took it back, kept it, buried it, unearthed it, planted it, grew it, then baby I gave it away
these poems is my babies
I give em to you,
treat em right
every fight I have with you
is my crying for you to stay
and love me
yes, for real.
I am suddenly a hard butch, happened last Sunday, baby I ain’t the same no more.
I sexy and shit. don’t talk a lot.
talk sometimes
do shit to show you I love you
no gushing
I’ma hush you if you wanna ask about the ins and outs and hows and wheres and alla that

feel this if you can feel it
I was born feelin it
born with extra heartbeats in my chest
I got enough heartbeats for you—
if you missin some
be hustling heartbeats on tha corner
if you wanna feel it
I can show you how
I’m a professional feeler
emotional aficionado
expert on this particular sense
empath superheroine
I was born with more estrogen than your average woman
yes ma’am. sho nuff. yes indeed.

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