Friday, August 15, 2008

texting etiquette

maybe everyone didn't get the memo--so i'm letting you know now. this whole texting thing is the shit. i have to admit when texting first got big--maybe in 2004--i was so not a fan. having to hit a key three times for every fuckin letter of every fuckin word was maddening. and i tried to do that automatic shit where the fone automatically suggests the word it guesses you're trying to type to save time, but my fone always guessed the wrong word. (i'm trying to type "pussy" and the suggestion is "punishment". whatever.)

so once i got a QWERTY keypad and could type just as easliy on my fone as a laptop, i was and continue to be, alllllll about texting. we've gotten to the point tho, that we, or at least i, need to set some ground rules.

1. texting is NOT a replacement for real conversation and human contact. it is a supplement to be used when one has a.) no time to talk, b.) is unavailable (i.e.: at work, in a meeting, at a movie, etc) or c.) only has a simple yes or no question that does not require a conversation (i.e.: "i'll be there at 6:30" or "can i bring a friend?")

2. PLEASE don't be face to face with someone and start texting SOMEONE ELSE like they ain't there. if you gotta text someone, say so and let who you're actually with in person know you'll be done in a minute. treat their time and presence as valuably as you want yours to be.

3. when crushing on a woman, i so love the flirtateous texts that get sent back and forth with butterflies in tummy and smile all over face and heart BUT those texts are not sufficient foreplay or flirtation. an actual fone conversation is necessary during which both parties choose whether they're interested enough to venture out on a date.

4. we are still people, my people. let's not let technology replace hugs, hearing our friends laughter in our ears, taking walks, cooking for each other and having the guts to say what you fuckin mean with your voice instead in a tersely worded, yet deliberately ambiguous fuck you text or a lukewarm come on. if you wanna holla at someone, HOLLA. jump in. get wet. if you don't like the temperature of the pool, you can always get out.

feel me?

just some suggestions. ;)

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